Why are girls so complicated?

so my ex came back to me for a 3rd time, telling me how much I mean to her and how she needs me and loves me. she wants me to take her back. she tells me she is really jealous over the girls I talk to. she doesn't want to lose me again, but were not together. she wants me to give her a 3rd chance, I told her I'm sick of all the games she plays, and how she keeps backing out on me. I told her we could be friends, and if we even think about a relationship again, it won't be for a very long time.

am I doing the right thing?


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  • Ditch her. Girls who are like that are NOT worth anyone's time really. They'll usually end up with another equally complicated girl. Leave her for a good and move on to someone else. There must be drama free girls out there. Like me ;-)

    • She is right man, you can find someone better who won't keep pulling you in and then pushing you away again.

    • haha your kind! I'm fine with being friends but I'm not getting back with her, all of you are right. I don't need the drama

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  • Yes, 3rd time is NOT the charm when it comes to stuff like that, honestly I probably wouldn't have taken someone back after the first time. If you guys broke up there is a reason for it and she needs to respect that. Until there is a legitimate change she can just move on.

    I think her problem is just that she doesn't want to be single so she keeps coming back until she can find another guy to listen to her bull crap.

    But that's just my opinion:)


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  • The sad truth is, some people are just too wounded to be in relationships. Unlike what some(easily exploitable) guys and girls believe, it's not their job to fix the issues of these guys, that's their own problem

  • dude, if it ain't gonna work the 1st time and the 2nd time... it definately is NOT going to work the 3rd time.

    • i here ya there, I'm not getting back with her. someone else can deal with her games

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