Should I move on or not?

There's this guy I like. I'm 18 and he's 26. I met him at this place where I took these classes. He worked there. In person he gave me signs of a guy who liked me; stared at me a lot, we got awkward silences, he asked about me, was a little shy, etc. I finished my classes so to keep in contact with him I tried to chat with him on Facebook. When I tried talking to him on Facebook chat he warned me saying his router would be acting up and he was on the phone with an internet company. He started out replying fast and then he got slower. I told him he should just text me and I'll give him my number but he said he prefers facebook chat or aim. I guess he prefered that since he was on the phone. Facebook was acting weird and kept telling me he was offline but then he'd be back on. But then he got slower and after like 50 minutes of waiting for him to reply he was offline. I told myself, "It was probably his internet. No worries". The next day I told him I have an aim and he gave me his username. Again, he started out replying fast but then was replying slow. After like 45 minutes of waiting, I told him, "I'm tired so I'm going to take a nap bye!" And as soon as I said that he then replied. But as soon as I saw his reply I already had exited out. I did go to take a nap. I listened to my iPod but I forgot that my iPod automatically logs me into Facebook and aim so I think he thought I was mad at him or something. But I eventually logged myself off. I think he was a little mad at me because I tried to talk to him on aim again but he ignored me. I saw that he was still online on aim so I said, "Aaaah that was a good nap now where did we leave off at?" and he ignored me and got offline. I went on facebook and saw that he made a status saying, "Finally fixed my internet after many hours of working on it". Should I just move on? Or am I thinking too much into this? Sorry if I'm scrutinizing too deeply about this but I've been hurt in the past so I'm paranoid.


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  • Wow, this sound very much pitiful if I may say, cos you ain't taking closer look before leaping. it's obvious that he doesn't reason things like you do. So, take your time and ask yourself these questions: Do I like him for a very unique reasons which he does back? would this SHIP ever last as it started with strange attitude? Does he reason things like real guys do? this is a critical point in every relationSHIP that which requires your gradual observations for a better lesson of the other party. besides, don't ever in any way try forcing your way back to him cos it could be dangerous. True love start some where called FRIENDSHIP, don't get your every e-motion fast on someone you don't really know, it may result into heartache... beware.


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  • It seems like he doesn't know what to say to you, I think you two need to build up more of a rapport offline. Get to know each other better face to face. Then see how he acts and take it from there.


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