Bestfriend and me like the Same guy, hellppppp

Okay so me and my so called best friend like the same guy.

This guy is my ex but we still like each other, me and my best friend

Told each other everything,but one day out of the blue shetold me she's had a crush on him for 2 years and just never told me. But the thing I'm mad about is how she told me before she's just friends and has no feelings for him, and I find out now and she's liked him the whole time...even when I dated him!

She's my best friend so I want to give her another chance but I can't tell her anything about him because she says she still has feelings for him. Apparently he knows that she like him, but I'm not sure what todo, you shouldn't let a boy come between your friendship but I reLly like him and I don't want to loose my best friend ...

Help? /:

She told my other friend something I told her not to tell anyone

So now I've lost complete trust in her , and every time I see both of them

Shes always all over him.

I'm done with her for now .


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  • Oh, this never ends well...

    When I was 15, my friend & I both liked the same guy. We got into a huge argument, looking back it was completely ridiculous. The guy didn't like either of us & here we were fighting over him... These things happen when you're young.

    • See, here comes the teenage drama... One day you'll look back at this & think how stupid all this was... That's how I feel looking back at what I did when I was in high school.

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  • I know your angry, I would be too but honestly, I don't think she done anything wrong. She was probably trying to spare your feelings when you were with him by saying she had no feelings for him, I'd probably do the same if I was in that situation. You can't help who you like. But if she truly is your best friend then she would NEVER act on it. If she does, then your better off without both of them and deserve real friends who would never put you through that.

    Kourtney x

  • well that isn't a good friend I don't think.. because she's telling someone else something you told her not to tell anyone. & if it was your EX, than she shldnt go for him. he obviously likes you more.. because he dated you first and is still tlaking ot you? well if she was that upset and a REAL freiond she would have told you in the begingging that she liked him also... not now. yeah I know you don't want to loose your bestie, but if she is making you feel this way, and making a guy inbewtween your relationship wiht her, than what kind of friend is that?


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