Why do guys just back off, Isn't it what they wanted?

If a guys has been attached to you for the time you've known him and tells you he likes you and asks you if you like him back, why on earth would he back off once you tell him you do? No more everyday facebook chat messages or texts that he initiates? He volunteers to walk me to my dorm room but other than that, not much anymore. We used to always hang out :S I'm so confused...


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  • Maybe he doesn't want to seem too clingy and is afraid you'll lose interest. Now that he knows for sure you like him, he doesn't see the need to go after you, especially because of what I just said. When I thought that I knew for sure that my crush liked me back (lol it turns out she didn't, but at the time I thought she did), the first thing that went through my mind was "AWESOME!", but the very next thought was, "How do I make sure she doesn't lose interest in me? I don't wanna scare her off by showing how much I like her." Maybe this guy is thinking the same thing.

    • Would you consider yourself a generally shy or outgoing person?

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    • haha, yeah, I guess it does :P finally

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  • sometime when the prey surrenders to the predator, the predator freaks outs, thinking it's a "trick", that the prey is plotting to have him killed...

    • Hahaha, is this a legit answer?

    • it's a kind of metaphoric answer...just something to think about on a poetical/novelty sense

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  • Maybe he realized it was going to be more serious now. Why would he back off in such a case? Because of fear? Give him some time.


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