How do I deal with my first break-up?

So, I just got broken up with. It's my first relationship ever and I don't know what to do with myself, honestly. It was long distance and we hardly ever saw each other, so I completely understand, but I still really love him, y'know? And he wants to stay friends, but...I just feel like sh*t. I don't know if I CAN be friends with him when I still care for him so much. Plus, dating for me has always been really hard; we probably wouldn't have even started going out if he hadn't been the one to 'fess up to liking me. I'm just really scared of getting rejected because EVERY SINGLE TIME I've asked a guy out or told him I liked him it's ended in complete disaster and heartbreak. I don't want to deal with that again...

I just want to know what to do. Help, please!


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  • Your most powerful thing right not at the moment is no other than "Time". Let time be and let the man upstairs help you out little by little in the long run. This thing called life it works in mysterious ways that the huma being could not even quite imagine. Who knows maybe one day you will things for sure never say never, life is definitely full of surrprises. I know you might be hurting but don't worry your not alone, time will help you live, learn, and grow to become a stronger person, I promise you that. Good luck with everything ms, and take care there.

  • Like hat other dude said maybe someday you'll be with him again. I heard this some where I'm not sure wher but it says "if you love something let it go if it comes back its yours if it doesn't it never was". I know what your going through I'm going through t too my first girlfriend just left me and I just want her back.


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