My ex says he still loves me, calls me by my pet name but wants to be alone and doesn't want me back!

Me and my ex broke up 2.5 years ago. He started seeing someone else. At the time I was nursing my mum until her death. The ex then got in touch and said he wanted to work things out. He didn't stop seeing the girl however. We have been on and off until Aug last year. I told him no contact whatsoever as I needed to really move on from him. That lasted a few weeks then he started to slowly contact me. I moved to Germany for work and before long we were skyping every night. It was so confusing because he was telling me that he loves me and misses me and always called me by my pet name. I was feeling lonely being away and it was confortable to talk to him again. I pushed for him to commit to saying he wanted me back but he never would. Anyway I met him for a weekend of skiing which was amazing and then he came out to visit me. Sex was amazing, and we acted like a couple. Then at the end of the week he said we want different things and he needs to go away and make himself happy and figure out what he wants in life. I'm so sad and feel I can't get out this cycle. I try the no contact but I'm so weak when he contacts me that I can't help to reply and before I know it were back to talking aagain. I just don't know waht to do...


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  • He might like you but does not want to be held down.


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