I Messed up Real Bad..NC Too Late?

So my ex broke up with me, and I would have been OK, but I had her sprint picture account info and seen she had sent 2 pictures to somebodys number. I called it and it was a guy, he said it was nuthing serious going on, and I know that's a lie. I also seen the times she call him and how often. Yes I know I am doing crazy stuff..so for about 4 days I have been messaging and calling her trying to tell her how I felt and I even made a fake profile of her ex boyfriend and she found out.. She later called me and was saying all kind of hurtful stuff and I even told her she didn't have to hurt me, nor did she have to put salt on my wounds and she still cussed me out. she then told me the guy she was talking to is her new "Boo" and he would kick my ass, and she would get a restraining order against me..she is being clear about me not writing or calling her. I last wrote her friends telling them to take care of her and I accept the fact that we broke up, and I wrote her today telling her she was right and this was for the best.. What I am trying to do is wait for 3 - 4 weeks to see if she call me and if not in that time I will call and try to be friendly. My question is ,can we still get back together..I don't know if this is a rebound guy or if she has been talking to him. she has always from day 1 told me if she wanted to talk to somebody else she would stop talking to me and not cheat...but when we broke up it seemed like she wanted to start a fight and I totaly over reacted blaming everything on her, then the messges of me being sorry and phone calls started. She changed her number..i got it thought and attempted to call a few more times. ..this was for the last 2 days. I'm sure she thinks I'm crazy now and I'm a stalker, but I just love her...this stuff is totally out of character for me..so during the next 4 weeks I plan on getting my self together..maby she will notice and get jelous and miss me...what should I do now

Lol, looking back at the post I just made...that is truly crazy on my part.


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  • If you really love her and she loves you. Then you should focus on changing what ever it was that pushed her away. Maybe she will see that your a change man. If she is adamant about not ever being with you, then you need to move on, and stay away from her and her friend. I know you love her but you cannot do the things you are doing! It is stalking so stop, before you get into trouble, trust me its not worth it.

    • I Got you. I am now realizing that. just wanted her to know I did it only out of the amount I loved her, nt cause I wanted to hurt her. but I know I have to stop

    • That's good. I know its hard, I'm going through something myself. I'm in love with someone that doesn't feel the same way about me. I try my best to stay away from them and just focus on myself, doing things that make me feel better.

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  • Try taking a couple of weeks off from thinking about her and focus on what went wrong with your relationship. You definitely still can win her back, but you need a plan. This dude can turn things around for you => link


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