Ex boyfriend wants me back? :(

my ex and I broke up like a month ago. when we broke up he was still somehow contacting me. asking how I am. I was really hurt. I was the one who broke up with him. now he is telling me that he misses me. he loves me still. I'm really trying to be tough because I don't want to be foolish. I really want to know if he is serious but he then told me I'm not the girl he knew before I changed.

he told me he was really planning to get with me. before he wasn't affected but then when time passed he got affected and he told me he really misses me. he miss everything about me.but he told me when he saw all these guys in my fb commenting/liking my pics or whatsoever I really proved to him that we can't be together. that I was happy now with my life. wtf. I told him that everyday was a challenge for me because I can't really stop thinking about him. and to the guys he was telling me they are all just friends in my eyes. I'm just trying to be nice to them. so is he getting jealous? he told me he knows he has no rights to tell me those kind of things anymore because we're not together anymore but he still told me that.

he said til now he has no one. except me. I really want us to be okay. but how? its really kinda hard to talk to him because he is moody when I tell him something he gets irritated that's why I just kept quiet most of the time even when we were together. he is planning to see me next wk. I'm scared. because I don't know if that will be the last time I will see him. I wanna make things right. I don't know if he still wants us to be together. he told me we will talk. :'( see its really hard because I'm trying to move on this is what he wanted me to do before but now he is doing this?!

advice pls. thanks :(

i didn't changed. really. maybe he's confused because since we broke up I got cold with him. what do he expect right. we broke up already.


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  • Out of curiousity why did you both brake up...?

    • he said that I don't deserve him. I deserve someone better. that I was really good. I didn't do anything. well yeah I didn't do anything bad to him really. I was really good to him. its just that he was irresponsible that irritates me but still I didn't tell him that. its just that he'll just contact me when he wants to. he wasn't like that before. he even told me to move on and forget about him. but after we broke up he's asking me how am I and tells me he misses & loves me.

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  • he is jealous because it looks like he does like you, but you don't have to go out with him, there are other guys in the world much better than him who are much nicer and better looking I bet, and who won't get irritated when you talk to them. To me I hope you move on, because this boy ain't the guy for you

    • im not being rude. but I guess we're both good looking because he attracts lots of girls same with me with guys. his my 1st boyfriend. I'm really choosy with guys. :(

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