So mad right now. dad drunk. mom mad.

my parents just came back from a party at a restaurant. it was for a newborn boy. they were seated next to a distant relative who likes to drink. my dad joined in the drinking, and got drunk. my parents just came home and my dad is embarrassing. my mom is f***ing mad at my dad for being drunk at the restaurant, but she is taking it out of proportion. I hate that she contained herself in front of the other people, but at home she is mad at him. I told her to stop being mad because she is acting like a child. let the guy be drunk. I don't like it but don't f***ing get mad over that. its not like my dad gets drunk all the f***in time.

how should I tolerate their behavior?

im asking because I want other peoples opinions and I have no one to talk to.

im not really mad at my dad. I'm mad at my mom for being MAD. she is the one that needs to know grownups drink. she ain't drunk. my dad is.


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  • I think you need to talk to mom and let them sort it out. Your dad should be aloud to drink, but if its going to be embarrassing, he needs to drink in proportion and know his limit. They'll need to come to an agreement so she's not pissed. She should also know when to stop him before letting him go to far, she can't be waiting to the last second then get pissed at life. They're married, these are things she should know. But after all... "If mom's not happy...nobody's happy."

    • In that case, just tell mom. It happens. Or move out, lol. At least she can't be mad at you if you don't live there :-P I moved back in with my parents last year, so I realize there's just stuff we deal with when you live at home.

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  • The best thing that needs to be done is that she needs to acknowledge that she blows things out of proportion. She should've yelled at him in front of other people and not let the fight explode in the home where it can hurt kids.

  • Grown ups drink. Get over it.


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