Miss my ex, want her back. A new guy. A rebound or not? My next move?

My ex who has been seeing this guy now for a month started seeing him on the basis of him being a nice guy. Fair enough but I know she was not attracted to him. Only months before he had expressed her feelings to her and she told him she saw him as no more than a friend. Then I came along and things didn't work out (nothing irreparable) and she goes straight to him. Is this a rebound? Should I let her go? NC? Be friends? I miss her and want her back but am not going to do so at all costs of dignity!

I should also note that she has contacted me after a month of NC (text, general chit chat) and we have had a little LC. Should I have NC whilst she has a new b/f? I do not want to fall into a friend zone?
But I am unsure how serious the relationship is (due to the nature they got together) and the fact she has not brough him up in any of conversations?


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  • You use full NC till you get a chick and start having fun. Then you can start hanging with her. Right now you look like a lose keeping in touch while she is dating some other douchebag. So get a chick first. Make sure she and all her friends know it. Then you hang with her and make a move. Then you guys say, OK you break up with him and I'll break up with her. You next best move is to get a chick instead of doing LC chit chat. You can't be friends with your ex and have a front row seat to her boinking another guy. Man up buddy and get a chick. Show her you're the man and you don't give a f*** about her. As far as you are concerned she can go f*** herself. That's when you'll get her back. And when she comes back, you tell her you don't want tainted goods. Keep her as a hook up buddy. But limit that too cause you gotta give the impression you got other sh*t going on in your life and other chicks. You openly tell her that you'll go out with her but for sh*t's sake and that its gonna be an open relationship cause you are seeing other people and not ready to break up with any of the other girls. If you act or think like a wuss, you won't get jack. The day you are the f***ing man, is the day she'll fall for you. And then still you f*** her best friend and don't treat her nicely. She'll be yours forever. It sucks man, it sucks that its gotta be like this. I wish it weren't. I'm a really nice guy and a hopeless romantic. But unfortunately the crap in the movies doesn't work. All it got me was my heart broken. This method I've described above has been working like a charm.


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  • Your just going to have to leave them alone. I know it sucks just wait and see what happens with them. But don't wait for her.

  • Yea, that guy is a rebound, give her a little space and while you plan things out on getting her back. This guy can help you out => link


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