Should I move on from my ex?

Alright. So my ex-girlfriend and I broke up over the summer. We broke up a few times. A lot of stuff has happened between us. We dated for about 2 years. I love this girl a lot. The past few months have been tough for me. I have been trying to get back together with her because I miss her. She claims that she fell out of love with me and doesn't want a boyfriend right now because she has no time for one. And she told me before that she wanted to move on. So I go through with this and do my best to move on. A couple girls post on my facebook wall and what not, then my ex freaks out. She says "I guess I'm done then. You don't need me seeing that you like this other girl." So I talk to my ex and tell her that I want to work it out with her and that I want to take things slow and go on dates, but she doesn't want to hang out and says she doesn't have time. So I guess I'm really confused. She doesn't want to hang out or try to work things out because she is busy, but then she doesn't want me to hang out with girls.

I forgot to mention that she goes back and forth. She says some days she misses me a lot and wants to work things out, but then other days she doesn't want me and just gives up. That's another thing I don't get.


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  • girls freak out a lot. and it normally has to do with jealosy. I think what happened here is she broke up with you and she tries to tell herself she doesn't still love you, but when in reality she does. she says she's "Busy" because she's afraid she'll change her mind. if you really want her back, do something that will completely blow her away, giving her no choice but to realize she still loves you. write a song, a poem, or just flat out tell her how you feel. do it to her face though. if she says she's busy, then talk to her friends see what she's doing and meet her there. come up with something no one has ever done before and if she still doesn't come to her senses, get over her. in that case she's not the one for you anyway so no need to be wasting time with her if the right one could be right at your front door and you never know it because you spent too much time on her. but you'll never know unless you stand up and do something bold. I hope this helps! :)


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  • nice pic dude


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