Reasons guys contact exes while dating a new girl...

My ex has emailed me 2x this week asking to talk to me and I finally responded asking what he wanted. He's supposed to call later. We got back together while he was sort of seeing someone and ended up choosing her over me (and he was supposedly breaking it off with her too at the same time)... now a couple weeks later after ignoring my nice texts, he wants to talk.

I ask what you think he wants or why guys would contact their ex's when they're with a new girl? If I was with a new guy, I wouldn't bother talking to my ex's at all since I was happy. Is it to apologize? Ask me to leave him alone? Personal issues? I'm nervous to hear what he has to say and won't talk to him until he tells me what it's about.


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  • Probably something along the lines of making himself feel better and/or seeing if you're a viable back-up option.


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