Should I wait for friendship in a guy and then a relationship?

I'm 17 and any guy that I like I usually become friends with and then I guess I only become a friend to them which sucks...Should I accept the next guy I hardly knows offer or keep going with the way I think or change my personality maybe that's why...maybe by getting to know me better it ruins any chance of being with that person...what should I do? Is this right?


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  • I actually have the opposite problem, and yes it's a problem. Maybe if we compare we can find a solution ha ha but anyways... I have a problem with a lot of my guy friends developing feelings for me. Apparently I am a naturally flirty person but some of these guys I have even lived with in college, meaning they have seen me at my worst but they still have these feelings.

    I feel like I treat them all the same, I like to have fun so we all go out together, some of these guys I have known for all 4 years of college yet I find that when I am single and they are a little intoxicated they try to make moves on me and even try to kiss me. One of my good guy friends even asked my boyfriend (now ex boyfriend) what his chances were of hooking up with me!

    Okay so I guess my advice for you, I'm not sure if it is good, is to be more flirty with them, laugh a lot, always look like you are having the time of your life. They will want to be with a girl who is fun and keeps them entertained. And always try to look your best even if your just wearing sweats, just don't look like a total mess. I hope this helps, you could message me your specific situation too and maybe we can compare notes.


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