Am I cheating, or that is the best choice?

my close friend is trying to seducing me . she has big boobs and when we are alone (studying...) she always try to show me her boobs by bending over or wearing low cut clothes(sometimes I see her nipples).

then one of her friends told me that she is waiting for me to told her that I love her

to be honest I really like her but just like a close friend and I don't want to make her so sad by refusing her without any clear reason

and of course I like to see her boobs so I decided to do no thing and act like I don't no any thing so in that way we still friends

so am I cheating her to just enjoy seeing her body or that is the best choice

please me what to do


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  • Just be honest with her and say you wouldn't want anything to ruin the friendship you have. Or just keep acting like you normally would as a friend. I know that one of my close guy friends and I had a little curious phase, but we both just came to agree that we were better friends and are still friends now after all these years...


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  • nah if you don't want to kill the friendship that is definitely the best choice... just don't let her put you in any awkward positions like wwhere you are alone together cause then she might try something

  • cheating


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