How long did it take to get over a girl or guy?

So how long did it take to move on and what did you do to get over her/him faster?

*even if it was just a crush or someone who you talked to and never dated*


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  • It took me about a year, a month, and a couple days to get over my ex (technically, it was a year, a month, and a day for me to do my half, the other couple was for her response :p).

    Anyway, we had communicated a couple of times throughout that year...She'd left me for someone else, and a couple of months later was still emotionally connected in some ways due to her grandmothers death and whatnot and wanted to also attempt to clear up things about her new relationship/the end of ours, and eventually nine months later I called to forgive her, but it was clear she didn't understand my half of what happened, and you can't forgive someone who doesn't understand why they're being forgiven, so with the coaxing of a wonderful friend I sent her a letter detailing everything that happened and all that from my point of view and when she wrote back I realized that she has become her mother, and that regardless of who she was or what happened, I want absolutely nothing to do with her, she has nothing to do with me, and I'm so much better off. It's not that I didn't know it before, I just didn't believe it, or know it in my heart.

    I hope that all makes sense lol tried to be concise and not write a book lol.


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  • I've liked the same guy for 3 years...I think I've got some problems. Nothing has worked to get him off my mind.

  • about 3 months and NC worked. Eventually I just forget about him


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