Any computer experts know what this is?

Sometimes my LCD screen gets this type of interference like the screen goes wavey. To give you an example it looks like when you see ripples on water in a pond. That effect sometimes goes across the screen. Anyone know why it's doing this?


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  • Sounds like magnetic interference. Does it happen when you move the screen to a different part of the house?

    • Well I transported it in my car not long ago and I had it near one of the rear speakers behind the back seat. So it seems like magnet interference. But I thought this only effects the old CRT type screens?

    • That wasn't what I was asking. If you set up the computer elsewhere, do you still get problems?

      CRT monitors used to have a deguassing butto to fix that issue. LCDs, don't think so. You may have to buy a new one.

    • I know that's what you weren't asking. And no I haven't tried it anywhere else in the house. Thanks

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  • Sometimes happens when magnets get close, doesn't it?

    • That's what it seems like. But I thought that only happened with the old CRT screens?

  • signal interferance probs or maybe some of the wires are loose


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