He doesn't let me have friends. What I'm I doing wrong?

He doesn't let me have friends.

He says he doesn't have them either.

He constantly sleeps, doesn't answer when I call, takes him hours to text me and still says that I'm the one messing everything up. He says that I'm not ready for a relationship, we've been together 3 years and we are engaged. I don't get it.


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  • He's trying to control you. He wants you all for himself and probably don't answer when you call because he wants to make clear that he is the boss. He's not simply in love with you, he is obsessed with you (or just obsessed with having power over someone because of insecurity) and that can be very destructive. If I were you I would run and don't look back (that is leave him as soon as possible). Well, you're not me and if you want to give a try to solve it, talk to him about it openly and get him into therapy. But if he won't or if there's still no improvement, you should seriously get out of the relationship before he ruins your self esteem and your life.

    Wife beaters often start out with isolating the person in question and they constantly try to find fault (or as often invent fault) with their spouse to have an excuse to hurt them.


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  • He's lucky you're tolerating him. You'd be better off alone.

  • just dump him. he sounds so lazy why have you been with him this long if you're that miserable?


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