Ex is being mean after almost 2 years of breaking up?

Here's the situation. I was invited to a new year's party by a friend so I went. Once I got to the party, I found out a guy I dated for a year was coming with his new girlfriend. We have been broken up for 2 years and he ended it. I didn't care they were coming, I just wanted to catch up with friends. When they showed up, my ex dodged me and wouldn't even look at me. His girlfriend was in the group I was talking with and everything was fine until my ex pulled her aside and said something then she started avoiding me and was glaring at me. Why after being broken up for so long would an ex act this way?


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  • Just ignore him. He's obviously a very petty, narrow-minded guy and no matter what broke you two up in the first place, it seems he still relishes the idea of hurting you and making you uncomfortable. Maybe he was angry because you're over him and he wanted/expected you to be still longing for him, and so he's trying to ruin your happiness in another way. Some guys have egos like that. All I can say is congrats on getting rid of him.


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