15 months & still no commitment. Was I right to end the relationship?

Seeing each other for 15months. I have met everyone in his life & he has met mi mother& daughter & a few friends. We do everything like a couple yet I'm his "friend" . So four days ago I ended it. He says I want everything on mi terms & also that I don't behave like I'm ready to commit because I go to clubs, something he despise! But I miss him so & wondering did I make a wise choice?
Here's a update 16 months later & the truth has finally been revealed! He has been carrying on a long distance relationship with another female for the entire duration of our relationship. He actually have been seeing her for 5years! Go-figure! :-(


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  • I won't say he doesn't care about you because I believe he does but it sounds like he wants the benefits of a relationship (the main one being a constant source of sex) without actually being in a relationship. Also I wouldn't be surprised if he's seeing other women 15 months is a long time to just be friends the club angle sounds like an excuse if he really wanted to be with you, I'm sure you two would be able to work that out.

    • Thanks I agree. It just hurts to know he just strung me along all this time.

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