Do most boys regret breaking up with there girlfriends?

So my boyfreind of a year recently left me. He was a very stubborn person and was very good at hiding his feelings. He was extremely depressed and refused to admit it and due to the feelings that come with a relationship he couldn’t handle it. He still loved me and cared for me but I think the mental pressure of my own issues and the emotions attached to the relationship because too much. Despite all that I know he does care for me a lot. I was his first love and first real relationship as he was my first real relationship too. I’m starting to come to terms with it more and am feeling better about it all. However, he has always thought of me as the best he was capable of getting as well as the best he had in bed and what most people would say was out of his league. I know this as he told his freinds when we were together. He used to say things to me like ‘I’d be stupid to let someone like you go’. My question is simple I guess, is it possible he will regret his decision. Out of curiosity do most people regret leaving there first loves or someone they values to highly? Of course it might not be forever but is it true that he will start to regret it a few months after?


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  • I broke up with my girlfriend because she cheated but I still regret it


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