Is he into me or not?

I met this a month ago and we talk every day. We would spend 30 to an hour talking away and now he calls and we only talk for maybe 10 min at the most. He asked me to be his girlfriend on New Year's Day and since then he's changed a bit. He used to text me a lot and now he calls me late in the evening and we don't talk like before. I would like to know what I'm doing wrong. He told me Sat that he's going to be moving to Beaumont Tx for work purposes and wants to continue dating me. Although, he'll be coming once a month to see me. He's got me wondering that he's up to something. I may be wrong...I don't know what to do or what to think. I hate to commit to him and then get hurt down the road.

Well, just to update you guys. My so called boyfriend is in Beaumont, Tx which is about 5 hrs away from where I live. I'm not sure where our relationship stands.


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What Guys Said 1

  • With once a month it is going to be hard. A had that and it was killing me and my ex.

    It is less than a month that you are daiting. It is to soon ... you don't know him that well.

    I would not worry so much about the change ... relationship cannot stay as it was first day. There are some rough times. Try to improve that talking. It is inportant.

    Me in your place with my experience would break up if he leaves. Not to punish him ... not nearly, but because it is just too soon for distance relationship.


What Girls Said 1

  • So you met this guy only a month away and in your description he WAS sweet in the beginning and you guys talked a lot on the phone, but now it got cut down and he moved to Texas for work according to him. Have you ever try to date someone out of town or with long distance relationship? If you have ... how did that work out? If not ... is he really worth your time of risking it? If I am in your position I am sorry but I wouldn't do it because of the fact that you guys just simply get to know each other a month ago and he asked you to be his girlfriend. Wow and then he just suddenly decided to move away for work. That is very convience. I would just be friends with him and still keep in touch but the whole dating thing to me is just not going to work. But you never know it might to you so hopefully you choose what best for you. Good luck!


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