What does she mean break up, but maybe not the END?

One week ago my ex had come back into the apartment walked up to me with eyes locked in a sweet almost in a strange held back affectionate way. Looked around the room that I just cleaned and had dinner cooking on the stove. With this reluctant smirk on her face she didn't need to say a thing. I knew it was over . We talked about it anyway, we've been threatening space giving for a while, but today was the day.lol.

We have been together everyday since we met for 7 months exactly. We have been turning our life around from our own separate poor choices in the past. I have been 5 years without a relationship since my divorce and she just was 6 months from hers. In the past month our time together was rough always snickering at each other. I started getting jealous and like an idiot started reading her text messages. I made nothing into something constantly. I knew something between us was fading and talking did nothing to help like it did before. Well almost, we could argue a point and always seem to work it out. She always said I was her rock and her best friend. I never really believed the best friend thing. I always seem to get the blunt end of things and everyone else in her life always got her eyes to sparkle and that face to brighten. I loved seeing that but hated that I didn't do that for her. I am defiantly more affectionate both in holding her and beyond. She says its hard for to love back and feels my love. I know she needs to grow. But as of now it is a break up. She started the no contact. After the first three days I whinnied and pleaded and had 5 texts to her one word or so back to me. Well I got to the point after dwelling in and out of my pain talking to many friends and family for my devastated broken heart. Because I LOVE this woman! With all the advise I stopped all contact, so did she. The problem with the no contact is we see each other an hour at a time three days a week with all our knowing friends around. We respect our reason for being there and we don't communicate. We play this game that she had control of for the first week of pretending like we had nothing in the first place. Weirdly it doesn't seem tense. Well the other day after one of these meetings she text me " why did you ignore me,that made me sad"... Excuse me but WTF ! I didn't respond and it has been 24 hours. She's clear she wants the break but when she had the power I was devastated now I have the power and I feel like an ***hole. Just one week remind you. Also I have a lot of my stuff to get from the apartment. But I respect the break up and the no contact. So what do I do about that and everything? by the way she says she loves me and she knows I love her. But so much growth needs to happen for both of us and I am setting up for new changes. But I need to put me first before hooking up again. And I still have a feeling she wants to go in another direction since we could be together now if she wanted. Yes I just heard myself,lol... Is this chic crazy or are we both?
What does she mean break up, but maybe not the END?
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