The back up guy! How often do you have one?

My ex (who wants to be friends) can't understand why I'm annoyed that she is dating her back up guy. He was always around (as a friend) after she had told him she wasn't interested in anymore than friendship. Now after we broke up she ran straight into his arms. She acts like it shouldn't be a problem as we had broken up but I just feel she maybe kept him as a back up guy (without my knowing) and he took his chance. I don't want to be friends and think this is a reasonable reason why don't you?


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  • Let me tell you this. Girls ALWAYS have a back up guy no matter what. Why and how? It's because girls are always chased and guys are not it's that simple. DO NOT be friends with her, not for only this reason you shouldn't be friends with her anyway. What kind of "friendship" would it be? Move on and date other girls. Just remember that there are always guys out there that will try to get close to your girl and they will keep them around because you never know. Therefore you have to have girls lined up just in case, not to cheat or to have a relationship while you have a girl, but just in case a girl dumps you.

    • not always. I don't have one!

    • You may say you don't because you didn't plan to have a back up, but guys are there chasing and waiting whether you believe it or not. Like I said, girls are always chased by guys. It's just that they guys that are chasing you are the guys that you don't want. Guys get stuck in the friend zone all the time by girls that know they want more than that. Girls have back up no matter what and guys don't.

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  • I kinda have one, or two. But I'm never serious about them. It's usually a guy I will turn to when I break up with a guy, kinda to take my mind off things. I never get involved with him romantically, but more than a friend if you get me?

    I wouldn't worry about it if I were you, there's only one reason she has gone to this guy and it's to take her mind off you! From my experience these back up guys never last long.


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  • So she has a rebound boy, who cares. She is basically using him to get over you. If you had a girl that was down for stuff and you were both single, wouldn't you?

    The chance of this being anything real is very slim. You see she knows he would have her, so she took advantage of the situation. It happens more often then you think. So many people have a FWB rebound/fling, person. It's easier for her to get her mind off of you if she is preoccupied. It's an easy way out really. But one day she will have to deal with your break up. By then, you'll be over all this garbage.

  • Same thing happened to me bro. Broke up with my girl, next day she ran into the arms of our "friend" Peter who she SWORE up and down was only her friend for the 4 years we knew him. It hurts. Fuck her for taking the cheap easy way of getting over someone.(Although you should do the same and find someone else to rebound on.) Space would do you best. All she is trying to say is "look, I can get a new lover faster than you" which is easier for them because of coarse all they have to do is open their legs.


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