What sort of things make relationships end up breaking up?

the question says it all.!


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  • Well, there can be hundreds of thousands of different things that can break up a relationship. The only way I could think to answer this question is to disect the meaning of a relationship... what is a relationship? Haha. You're like, that's an easy question... but really... stop and think about it...

    My definition would have to be two people combining in some sort of partnership. This definition can mean friends, family, acquaintances, and everyone else. You either have a good relationship with someone or you have a bad one... but either way... by your very human nature... you are a social species--which means humans survive off of communication and understanding...

    So... Finally, to the question at hand... I would explain that as a break-down in the principles of a relationship... Failed communication can explain it all in my opinion. A relationship requires two sides to work together... If that isn't happening (FOR ANY REASON), then that can result in a potential breakup of a relationship.

    Good? Any more questions for this topic? Or did you want more specific reasons why relationship could break down?

    • well damn

    • ? haha. that doesn't tell me anything. I'm a very fast typer... I typed that whole thing up there in under two minutes. So,... good explanation or did you want more?

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  • cheating

    not being able to have your own life separate from the other person


    loss of respect

    sex sucks

  • Here's the reason why my past relationship's failed:

    Moved (I ended cause it was too weird)

    Cheated (I ended cause I found out)

    Lost interest (I ended cause I didn't wanna string it along)

    Abusive (he ended cause I wouldn't let him do it anymore)

    Started to like someone else (he ended to be with her)

    Religious conflict (he ended for the religious issue)

    Too much fighting (I ended cause it was too much strain)

    Lack of communication(he ended, ironically, by not talking to me anymore)

    (That looks like a lot, but not all of them were serious)

  • all kinds of things. but most common reason seems to be with growing apart


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  • Cheating, sex is bad, no sex, girl doesn't like sex, someone is being clingy, guy not making enough money, someone doesn't want to be "tied down", guy being "too good", girl looses attraction and wants to be just friends, guy is too nice, someone is too controlling, everything is perfect so "something has to be wrong somewhere", someone is abusive, girl looks for reasons to break up. These are examples, but the most common.

  • The most easy way to put it is..being tired of it. When you love somebody enough you will go through whatever to make it work..no matter how bad it is, until one of you gets tired. sure its stuff that leads up to it, but most of the time if your love is strong enough you work through anything

  • clingyness for me

    girls do it all the time that's typically why I drop 'em

  • your SO cheating


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