Girls: How would you let your closest friend (guy) know if you had feelings for him?

If your absolute closest friend is a guy and you had feelings for him, how would you let him know without telling him?

My best friends a girl, her and I spend all our time together. I've been trying to figure out if she would consider me as more than a friend. Thereve been a few signs (play fighting, constant touching, remembers every little detail about me, if were not with each other she constantly texting or calling me) just to name a few.

But my question is, if you were shy and wanted to hint at that you liked him, what are someways youd do it?

Also: the other day she was telling me how her best memories were when her ex told he he loved her, and when she found out that this other guy liked her that she liked for a while, and one other situation were someone told her they had feelings for her. Was she trying to hint that she knows I like her and should come out and say it? or did she just bring that up for no reason?



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  • My best friend is a guy and I've literally been in love with him for the past 6 months. I don't use love lightly because I always think it's such a generalised thing. We get on so well and like with you there's a lot of signs etc, our friendship group is very tight and the girls have often said things to me like "oh you know exactly how to wind each other up, he's often concerned where you are and if you're okay".

    Normally I'm really outgoing and quite flirtatious. Yes there's an element of flirting when I talk to him but I've always tried to make sure it's at a level he won't pick up on, purely because I don't know if he feels the same and would never want to lose him as a close friend. Thing is he doesn't tell anyone how he feels. So I have never wanted to hint to strongly. In the pasts when he's criticised others relationships I've sort of tried to argue back in a way he may pick up on.

    I've recently gone off to uni and he's regularly said things like "oh long distance can't work" when arguing about other people's lives and I've said things like yes it does. Maybe try and spark a discussion where you can see her dropping in a hint like that. To be honest I think we're just as in the dark as you are! I never know how he feels. One of my girl friends said to him "is there something going on with you two now?" and he responded with "it doesn't matter if there was she's at uni"... there are a million ways we could all take that.

    Simple answer there isn't really a way you can tell, you would either have to ask her directly (where she may lie) tell her you like her (if she's such a good friend she wouldn't want to lose you so it'd be okay even if she didn't) or you could try the argument trick?


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