How can I let him go?

What I'm suffering really isn't unrequited love, but the love I have for someone this guy, he's really oblivious to it so it's in a way unrequited. I've done online researching for a long time about unrequited love, etc. I know ways you can get over someone, etc.

I wish I could let him know somehow about the pain and everything but I just don't think it's necessary although it would help me move on. Any thoughts?

If you could say something to someone about this what would be the best way? I feel like he stole my heart without my permission. The weird thing is though I wasn't really that open to him at the beginning but he was still be able to steal it from me.


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  • if you let someone go and they don't come back, it wasn't meant to be, but if they do come back, then it was meant to be...walk away


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