Just friends so Depressed right now how to I forget about her since I have no chance?

So I told the girl that I like for a while now how I felt about her and

she replyed back she just wants to be friends and she has a boyfriend and she likes having me as a friend.

How can I get her off my mind since I have no chance with her.

and she's gone for 3 months, today she was on MSN and we did not talk to each other is it going to be like that from now on?


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  • Oh I feel you brother..

    The best thing to do is not ask yourself how can I forget about her, is what can I do now?

    You can get any girl you WANT brother! And the only girls worthy of you is one who has the capacity to see how great you are.

    Work on becoming the best self you can be and Women will be magnetically drawn to you.

    Don't be friends with her if you cannot really ONLY be friends with her. That means no feeling of attraction when you meet/talk.

    Second, know that this is just a chapter in your life with many more to come and there's a lesson to be learned in this, that you can take to better your life.

    All the best you brother.

    Forgive and forget.

    • Thanks for the advice yea I can't be friends with her I like her to much. I'm just going to let her be for now who knows she might change her mind once she see's that I'm not there.

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