Why would a girl usually not like to go back to a guy after she gets over him?

Certain girls don't usually like to go back to a guy after she gets over him. What could be the reasons for that. And does the guy still have a chance?


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  • I can answer this very well, because I just now got over my ex.

    If he ever asked for a second chance, either he wouldn't get it, or it'd take a LONG time for me to allow him to have a second chance. He broke my heart. Didn't cheat or anything. Just one day said he wanted to end it, but he still loved me. He has a new girlfriend today, but I'm at college, so whatever.

    ANYWAY, we don't like going back because, like ArtistBboy said, we're scared they'll do the same thing over again. Some girls treasure their hearts and don't just let anyone in. When you have that level of trust and love with someone, and they break you're heart, they leave a scar. To let them in again, would be like signing a suicide note - for their heart's sake of course.

    Remember, if the girl has had to get over a guy, there's a reason behind it. Which makes it harder to get back into their heart.

    I hoped I helped. :)

    • Okay but what if the girl and guy didn't actually date. The girl fell for the guy by just seeing him for the first time and hit on him first but the guy was just too slow and even after she realized it she still kept on hitting on and signaling him but he was just slow in getting the message. The guy didn't ever try actually asking her out on a date because of this. And a good friend of her's just said that she doesn't like to go back once she's over a guy. And now almost 6 years have passed.

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  • I think she was probably hurt/embarrassed when you didn't pick up on her signals before so she started to dislike you as a way for her not to feel so upset about you not liking her. If that makes sence:/

  • if I'm over someone, then I'm over someone and that's it esp if it was his reasons


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  • Plausible reasons:

    1) Double jeopardy

    - What makes things different the second time around? They might feel he's just going to repeat the same mistakes and then the same pain will become apparent.

    2) Perfect-relationship-concept

    - Some humans believe that relationships should never come in contact with a breakup.

    3) Self-discovery

    - Sometimes the aftermath could show the other person that dating this individual in their life wouldn't work out (compatibility)


    The guy will always have a faint fume left in the gas tank of love after dating a woman.. It's about how to ignite that spark all over again before the fumes evaporate from the tank.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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