Whats wrong with me?

i dated a girl for about 3 months. I was amazing to her. Maybe too nice. It was great to be with her. We got super close super fast. Crazy chemistry, sparks the whole works. I can tell when I look into her eys and when I held her that she had very strong feelings for me. But she started talking to other guys while we were together. She started going out to places without me. She didn't even get me a birthday present. She dumped me. And she started seeing another guy (he's ugly). But I can't get this girl out of y head. I still care about her and really like her and I want her back. What's wrong with me...?


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  • there is nothing wrong with you... you feel wronged by her and you are feeling even worse because of the rejection... everyone does.

    u shud be glad it was only 3 months... my guy left me after 5 years out of the blue... but can one do except save the last shreds of dignity and move on. if she has to come back she will do that. its better to accept the bitter truth than harbour false hopes.

    • sorry to hear about that. 5 years is a lot he should have married you. My ex still keeps in touch. Acts as friends and messages me. In fact recently she asked me to go clubbing with her and also to a party this weekend. Her new guy lives really far away so they hardly see each other. My friends tell me she's just bored and using me. But the way I see it is if I'm with her, around her then there is a good chance for things to happen between us again. What do you think?

    • there is quite a possibility that she is using you as an emotional crutch... I mean ..even if she has dumped you she wouldn't want you to disappear and move on...thats how twisted human psychology is..

      i won't recommend this path to u... but it seems you have kinda made up your mind to try your chances. just don't get your hopes too high and don't make it very evident that you are oh so madly in love with her... be cool...and tc

    • thanks

  • I think you also care about her because she rejected you. Honestly, you should stop caring about someone who does not value for who you are.

    "Maybe too nice" - just be yourself. If you are worried about being too nice, or not too nice, etc. it means you are trying too hard to accommodate her. If you cannot be yourself with her - that is already a big warning sign.

    She did not get you a present for your Birthday? Did she take you out for a date (fancy restaurant, sports game, etc.) at least?

    • no nothing. just a couple of text messages

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