How to let him know I like him?

How can I let this guy know I like him via text message. I never really told him anything. and now we hardly talk.


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What Guys Said 1

  • well..if you're not worried about what he thinks then just tell him that you find him really interesting and you would like to know if he wants to hang out sometime...but seing as tho you harldy talk now.. there must be a reason for that? so if that's all sorted then I would say do what I said above

    hope it helps


What Girls Said 1

  • ok so it goes like this..

    start off with a little ' do you like stuff? '

    get his attention, once you got it rolling be blunt BAM! so you wanna go out like on a date or something with me ?

    Be straight to it..guys don't like to beat around the bush they just want to get straight to the tush :P

    Show him your driven and what you want you get, take control..dont wait around for his sorry arse to make the move!


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