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Yesterday, my boyfriend decided that we shouldn't go out anymore, and wanted to be friends with benefits. I agreed, because i had been wanting to tell him that we werent ready for a relationship yet, and i was completely okay with it. Everything seemed to at least be going okay; i still didn't talk to him in school, but we chatted on snapchat and video called and all that. But just out of generosity, I decided to text him on sc, and ask how he's doing. But comes to find out, he has un added me as a friend, and im shocked. I know i haven't said or did anything to him, and a lot of times, i would never be able to hang out with him outside of school because of my parents decisions. But there were signs. Lots of them and i should have taken them. I felt like i was being used, and manipulated, and i should have dumped him from the start when i started seeing signs. (nothing to do with cheating btw) A lot of times i felt lonely, like if he was the only other person i could talk to, i didn't want to because i knew he wouldn't fully listen. So what should i think? Was it a joke, or was he really playing? Was i stupid? Or is this not that serious? Should i confront him, or leave him alone for good?
  • Move on, qnd dont even bother trying to just be friends! he's no good!
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  • I mean if there were so many signs and your parents don’t even like you spending time with him then it is probubly best to just let it go... besides friends with benefits is fun but it is not a down size from an intimate relationship! If he was wanting to down size from dating to FWBs he truly has no respect for you.

    • Hey! Thanks!!! You should know you are worth respecting!!!

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  • honey if you like the sex with him then keep it casual there's time later to get serious your only 17


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  • You can't be stupid. He was stupid. You should really move on if you even have any doubt that you were being used (cuz girls are brilliant to sense these things). And he's ignoring you, you ignore him. You do better than him, you make him jealous, you happy, fin.

  • Tbh, I would give it a little while before actually judging and then go from there. If he continues to be a bitch to you I would just move on and forget which I know is very hard considering you enjoy being around him. If he apologises and says what he did was probably an accident or something I would forgive him and continue being friends with him. Who knows he could’ve done it by accident and though you were someone else. Anyway don’t listen to my opinion just incase I’m wrong but letting my thoughts out anyway 😂😂

  • I vote A. You should have friends not user loser playas

  • friends with benefits, is a relationship, without a label



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