Get him back to stay how to show him I care and love him still?

How do I tell my ex I want him back. How do I tell him I still care. He supposivly has a new girlfriend in which he started dating not even a month after we broke up. How do I show him I still care and want him back. To tell him to dump her and get back with me and things will be different. We have been txting each other lately were going to hang out for the past 3 days but nothing ever seemed to work out. He wants to be intimate with me as well. Why would he cheat on her if he really has a go and do that with me? Does he still have feelings for me? Last night we were txting each other from 6pm till around 11. Not every minute but a nice constant txting. At the end when it gotten closer to 11 to he just kept saying yup etc very short word answers maybe he was getting tired of talking I'm not sure. But when we dated sometimes he wouldn't even answer my texts so I'm surprised he is talking to me a lot now. Anyway how do I tell him I still care and still love him and want him back in my life. How do I reassure him it will all be OK in the end if he just breaks with her. That they are not meant to be together and we are. Please help. I'm so lost and confused with everything I just want him back.


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  • Agreed. He is still with someone. And even if he is being intimate with you, he is still with her. He is being selfish just as you are. And I think all this will do is involve more hurt. Talk, if you want to, but if there's flirting involved, if he tries to get close to you like you used to be, I would cut him off. As much as you like him doing that, it isn't the reality. He has a girlfriend. You can tell him you still have feelings for him if you want, but don't expect him to return them. Don't hope for much. He sounds like he might still have feelings for you, but do not analyze that unless he breaks up with his girlfriend. The situations gotta be fair to you, if you two are talking. Ask to be respected, for him to be direct, and enough with the games. Don't let him play with your head or with your heart. You don't want to be hurt. In the end, you should probably try forgetting about him, starting with not talking. Hope all goes well.


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  • Well, he has a girlfriend, but she might just be a rebound. This girl can turn things around for you, you just need to be patient=> link

    • wichnin fact I know so she is. he doesn't seem to really care bout her or seem to see her often. I asked and he had told me they are on and off already wich is odd but I figured it would happen. how could she turn things around for me tho? id love any advice I can not the one begging to get back with him haven't even talked bout ityet but when we hang out I will most likely juss say a few things to him to see where things are going I guess. thanks for the advice!

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  • You want him to dumb her?


    Thats so selfish.Since he has a gf,you shouldn't talk to him in the first place.

    He has a girlfriend and the girl has feelings too.

    you want him back?

    then let things come by it self.If it meant to be it will be.

    and this way you will let him think and make up/Refresh his mind and think striaght,"Just thought"

    if he really cared about you he will choose you over million girls.

    So stop being selfish.

    Just my thought


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