Gut you rely on it?

If you have a gut instinct that your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on you & you just feel like you can't trust him because of little things he's lied to you about. I've asked him if he's cheated on me or is cheating on me because I want to be specific so he can't say I didn't ask the right questions.

If he can lie to my face about him emailing an ex, what could stop him from lying about cheating?

On another note, have any of you guys ever been so drunk/blacked out that you have slept with another guy? He's done it 2 or 3 times. My brother drinks more then anyone else I know & no matter what...he would never sleep with another guy.


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  • go with your gut... mine has never steered me in the wrong direction... there are more things that led your "gut" to believe he is doing his thing on the side... and 3 times slept with another guy? lol you have a closet BI sexual on your hands


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  • Haha, I like self-control.

    Anywho, I can only speak for myself in this case, but -my- gut instinct always alarmed me when I was planning to do something I REALLY shouldn't do. It was rather correct almost every time.

  • Gut instinct is notoriously unreliable.

    • Speak for yourself, brother. Mine's never led me astray. Granted, you probably have a mite more experience than I do.

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