Can't take no contact anymore - help!

I feel like I'm about to break no contact with my ex who dumped me two weeks ago because I can't stand the waiting anymore. I haven't said a word to him since he dumped me and I feel like it's preventing me from moving if he tells me to go away again I will finally be able to accept it.

I'm so frustrated :[


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  • man, I have been there. and believe me, you would think if you heard it again it would help you accept it. truth is, it doesnt. it actually kinda hurts a bit more, and usuauly he just doesn't respond so you don't get that closure.(or that's just how my ex is) your safest bet is to stay strong and not talk to him until he does. think of it as a compatition.. if he doesn't contact you first (since he broke up with you) he doesn't even deserve to even hear from you. and if you don't contact him, he will start to miss you, even if he doesn't show it, usually. down the line, if you don't contact him, you will be so happy with yourself... because all contacting will do is make you look weak and like a fool. its harsh, but its the truth. when my ex broke up with me 5 months ago.. I was so hurt for two months I would text him after.. not everyday.. but yeah, I was just lost without him. now, I regret doing that, and thinking back at it, I wish I never went so out of control and out of my way to try and talk to some one who broke my heart. and we all have that urge to contact someone we were so close to, and so use to talking to every day. but really, you need to get use to not talking to him. so honestly, its a good idea to just not conact him, its for your own good! and you won't have to look back at and think about your weak point durring the breakup. its really worth it. I know it hurts and everything and its so hard to not break it! but you can do it girl! its just a couple hours of pain, but tomorrow you will feel better. you just need to get through those week, upset points in the day, and you will be good! good luck


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  • NO! You do not need to hear painful words again. Only call him, if you did not have a proper closure. But if you did, then move on.

    I am so sorry...

  • he doesn't need to tell you to go away again. you know that already. be strong. you can do this, I know you can

  • i've been where you are before, I tghought I needed to hear it that one last time because I'd be able to get over it whne all in all I wanted to talk to him one last time in hoping he'd change his mind. sweetie, just move on unless you know deep down he'd either want you back, or you can stay friends.

    • I'm on the sane situatuation my ex girlfriend broke up with me a week after she asked me if I was taken then after tht she texted me 3 days later and after that nothing /: I don't know what to do but I'm moving on I feel your pain :/ just stay strong hOney

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