How to get my ex boyfriend back in a long distance relationship?

what should I do?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sorry about your situation, but how far is the distance? And when you guys were together how often did you see each other in person?

    • 4 times... and via webcam almost everyday. and the distance was a 2 and half hour plane ride

    • it's a little trickier with distance, this girl has the answer for pretty much any breakup situation=> link

What Girls Said 1

  • Did he break up with you? If so just wait and do not contact him, if he is interested in you he will get in touch with you, if not he is not worth it. If you broke up with him then you need to figure out how you can work through whatever problems the distance caused - how can you see each other more, communicate better, etc.

    • he broke up with me... and thanks:)

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