Is he a cheating waste of time?

He constantly accuses me of it, I've never done that.

He barley talks to me, when he does its to fight, then blames me.

To clear this up. I have never cheated. It's not my thing.


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  • Either he has a really good reason to think so, and you are just keeping that information away from us to make us bias on the situation, or he is cheating on your, or at least has thought about cheating on. Therefore he thinks since he has thought bout cheating on you that you are probably thinking about cheating on him/ therefore he has cheated on you and has gotten away with it, that he thinks you are cheating on him and are getting away from it.

    • wow, definitely needed to proof read that one haha. But I am sure you understand what was saying

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    • I don't want to be cheated on..

    • No one on here can stop that, either dump your boyfriend, or sit down and have a serious talk with him, and if he gets all mad when you try to do this, then you should definitely leave him before he cheats.

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  • Guys who accuse there GFs of cheating means they are cheating.

    Guys are taking the spot light from them and putting it back on you.

    Be careful.


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  • If there is no reason as you say that you should be accused at all, then he may have cheated himself. That is what a lot of people told me when I was with my ex. He did that to me too, see..And I would ask others for advice, and they said if he is accusing you, then he is the culprit.


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