How do other shy people let a guy or girl know you like them?

I'm not a shy person when it comes to talking to people but when it comes to telling someone I really really like them.. I freeze.. I'm incapable of saying the words.. And I really like this guy I mean really really.. I went to work just now to "check my schedule.." but I already knew what times I had to work.. Only did it so I could talk to him.. And he is still really cute

So how do other shy people let someone know they like a guy/girl


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  • Umm, so then you are dishonest. Instead of going there to tell him you wanted to see him, you used a false pretense. Why would a decent guy want someone like this? I wouldn't.

    • Well a real man wouldn't have given that as an anonymous answer...

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    • Yeah you do, otherwise you wouldn't have answered.

    • No I answer because I'm stuborn.. and a know it all

      your just an ass

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