Relationship, but no marriage till later?

Disclaimer:: I would never pressure him or ask. it needs to be his natural choice.

My boyfriend really loves me, like seriously and I can tell. but I'm standoffish because he told me he didn't plan on getting married till he was 25 or older. Which is okay. but when I asked him do good relationships have to end he replied no.. I'm confused. How can you intensely love me and not plan on getting married till your 25? that means theirs an end to our relationship somewhere before were 25 )-: I don't want that? Help me understand the point of dating and loving your sig other with no intention to get married.


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  • It's quite understandable, statistically people who marry young are more likely to divorce. Aren't you glad he doesn't make one of the most important decisions in his life on a whim?


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  • because marrige is harder on guys. If he gets it done then you have control over half of everything. if you ever get bored and leave you basicly take half of what he worked so hard to do. Woman your age always push marige onto guys but get bored and leave later on. marrige should be about love and a signed paper shouldn't change that.

    I was with a woman just like you, I loved her more than anything. She said she felt the same. She even got a tattoo on her hand and ring finger to match the one I always had. told me I was her world, that I ment everything to her. that she would die without me. I did nothing but work to build our life together. we were engaged, and a year from getting married. then got up one day and left. wrote me a letter saying she rather be out fucing and partying. because she was too young.


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  • to him it probably doesn't matter if you both wait until he is 25 because in reality, marriage is just a piece of paper... if you love someone it shouldn't alter your relationship... and waiting until he's 25 if probably smarter financially so what's the rush? if you want to be together forever and you truly love him, it really doesn't matter!

  • why do you want to get married so young?...why the rush? gosh calm down!

  • if your relationship is good, he'll marry you when he turns 25


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