Talking to my ex... Need advice ASAP!

Ex just apologized to me, was being very nice the past few days and started talking to me, complimenting me, saying he misses me, etc. I don't forgive him or plan on rekindling anything, but I deserve to be treated nicely. He didn't text me today but I found out news I thought he'd really like to know so I texted him. He called me to talk about it and 2 minutes in he rushes off the phone saying it was his friend and that he heard the same news. Said he would call me back. That was 20 minutes ago and this guy has too much ADD to talk long to anyone.

Is he comfortable now with me now that he thinks his apology won me over and is going to be a jerk now? Would a guy who wants to be back in his exs life blow her off on the phone like this and go from texted a lot to not all day?Help!
Talking to my ex... Need advice ASAP!
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