Ex boyfriend AND present lover, what should I do??

well, my boyfriend of a year and some , and me, broke up a few months ago. yet we still talk and have sex and all, while going on with our lives with other people, BUT sometimes this makes me sad b.c. I still love him and I'd like to move on with my life, but I can't bring myself to do it, should I end it, or what?

What would YOU do?


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  • i was in the same situation before..i was still on love with my ex when we broke up..and it was like we were going out but we werent..we had sex we called each other bby and stuff we wuld text all night and everythin..but I knew I had to move on nd its beyond hard its not easy for sh*t ima tell you that..but I did it I stopped the sex even the dirty talk..i kinda lowkey ignored him lol nd stopped txting him and I started going out a lot more and meeting other guys...and I guess because he saw me moving on he was intrested in me again? I'm guessing so he asked me out..at the end it was my choice and for me I said no just beacuz the fact that I had already did so much to move on and I wanted him so badly before but after time I just did not wana get hurt again...if you wana get him bk just think is it really worth it?

    • ahh true, thinking abb it its not really worth getting back together, or keeping up this , whatever this is between him and i. thanky:).

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    • ahh, I ended it today! load off my chest! thanks againn! :D.

    • Dude that's kickass! (high five) lmao xD..ur so welcome glad it worked out :)

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