Is it a bad idea asking her what is going on?

So I think my ex girlfriend is acting really weird..

and I don't really know what is going on!so I'm about to ask her what is going on?

because she involve me in her problems and put it on me!

Is it a bad idea?

like I don't really understand why she thinks I cheated on her,well,we are not together anymore.i do understand her feelings,but this way,she makes everything worst.
It is OK if she doesn't want to be friends.

she already told me to leave her alone and I'm doing it.
But started to act very weird and started to scare me off of her lol.

also makes me worry about her.

how can I make her understand that we are not meant to be together.
So bad idea to reconnect with her?

Or just leave her do wateva she wants?
like how can I tell her to just let it go?

im not interested or want her anymore.

So any help?

i don't have any idea why she acts like that?

girls what is going on with her?We are not together anymore.
all my friends told me to just forget her since she treated you that way and never deserve you but I kept saying she is not like that and look now what she is doing?

She treats me like crab and when I left her,she did worst to me.

She thinks I'm crying whining about her,well I'm not,im actully trying to move on.Trying to get my life back that she already took it from me and just put it in her trash and never cared.i can't even believe it is her who wants to destroy me.
Like I can't believe all that great times turned into this.

just looking back makes me realize how fake she was.

wow and at the end she put it on me like all this was my fault.

Now I realized how dumb I was.
like if I was her,i wouldn't have the courage to say all that.Now I'm being an azzhole,She things she was nice? stomping on other people's feeling nice?walking away and never caring about how they would feel,nice?
Yet she says I'm a cheater?well I rejected girls who was so much nicer and cared so much about me more then her.Was I the best looking guy? No I wasnt.why I did rejected them That time? I thought I'll cheat on my feelings toward her.
Now she things she can hurt me anytime she wants! insults me and disrespect wondering,did I deserve that from her?did she really had feelings for me?I doubt it.
People who cares about Some1 never stomp on him,they never let that person get hurt,they stomp on their feelings instead,to make them happy,thats what I know about Those who really care.

Maybe she copy what her family do.
I didn't have to answer her,but because I caried once about her and because of the old times I spent with her,i didn't want to be as cold as Her.
I Never wanted the hatrd join us & I never wanted things to get this way but Sounds she likes drama.She thinks what she Says is what will be.
She thinks she is the only person on this planet who has feelings,i try to be more understanding,bcuz I know how is it when some1 doesn't care and ignores you.

Well.. it is hard for me to just accept the insultion as much as she hate rejection.
she kept talking about years.well! they were years of bullsh*.i was planing to do many things to break the wall between us without losing my respect That time.
But she rained everything once she left and I'm glad that she did.Now I'm already done with her.And if me getting out of everyplace she is in make her feel better,i'll get out of it.
I talked too much and that wasted my time,made me stop studying.Wateva her gfs doesn't exactly know me to tell her what is going on my head!im sure if I picked the phone 1day and found it was her,i'll close it on her face.
Or an email,im sure I'll block her.

so wateva she's doing IS NOT GOING TO WORK.
And by the way I'm planing to see someone in summer so I think she needs to stop bullsh**Ing.

Any opinions are welcomed.


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  • No you should of gone ahead and asked her.


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