How can I get my ex back?

We have been dating for more then a year. We have a lot of breakups (he broke up with me each time) and every time we've stayed kinda of friends and he always asked me back out. Last week everything between us was good and put of nowhere about three days ago he kept Going on about he had an urge that he didn't want to be in a relationship so he broke up with me and he told me that he doesn't think we should be friends and every time I talk to him or see him he just gets really mean. I don't know what I did and he won't even talk to me about it and usually I can tell if we are going to get back together but this times different. ( we are 16 and 17 and on high school and I don't think any other girl likes him and I lost my V to him so it's hard to move on..)


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  • This guy seems like bad news honestly. He doesn't know what he wants (which is the case with most boys until they hit their mid to late 20s), and as long as this is the case, you're going to keep getting hurt by him. You don't deserve to be led on only to be let down over and over again. My advice? Try to meet other people after giving yourself some time to wallow, and cut ties with him. He'll become jealous and realize that his behavior was jerky once he sees that you've entered a relationship with someone else who treats you better. Then he'll come crawling back, at which point you'll have to assess whether getting back together with him would be worth it (and honestly, if he's mean to you, I don't think he is worth it).


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  • what you should do is tell him you are sorry for what do did and said you love him or ask him what you did wrong

    • wrong answere no offence. but she clearly didn't do anything wrong so too bad for him. if she tells him she loves him and all that crap he's just gonna get more annyoyed!

  • my advise, leave him alone! trust me this is coming from a girl who always has the guy chase me, I don't chase them, you know why? they HATE it! when a girl chases a guy around it only runs them off, they find it unattractive. don't pay any attention to him and try to move on, in the process he will get jelous and want you back, by than you will have found somebody better or you can take this jerk back. but I would recommend you don't, clearly he's bad news. but if you do decide to take him back, don't fall right into his arms, give him the cold shoulder st first and let him know you aren't an idiot. men love that. trust me. Good luck! :)


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