Should I give this girl another chance? She seems to want to talk to me again, but she has been really rude!

When I met her in my class, she was friendly, flirty and giggled when I flirted with her, everything went well and I have seen her looking at me.

However there is a big but, she was disrespectful towards me: For instance we would be calling and she would call on her cell phone and I had to wait until she was done talking. Second when I met her again and I was trying to talk to her, she ignored me, hugged him tightly on my face so I could notice and then left with him, she never said a word to me, so I was humiliated in public, even the people there were like woooo. Third she has also given me dirty looks and when I have tried to talk to her she just has brushed me off. She would smile at me a few times but I just ignored those anyways.

So I just decided to ignore her, Just recently though she has been acting more shy and submissive. The other day she changed spots with her friend, so she got really close to me and we touched arms I know she wanted me to talk to her, and she kept saying how she "hated to wait so much" but I just ignored her, so she looked really embarrassed, sad or frustrated.

She is kind of mad at me because I haven't give up to her, but its not because I am playing games, its because I am really disappointed and weary of her.

What should I do, should I give her a chance? But like I said I am a little weary of her.


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  • When she tries to talk to you: Start up a conversation with someone else right over-top what she's saying

    When she tries to touch you: Put your hand up in an interruptive manor (Put on your jacket, etc).. Then if she persists (grabs your arm after you have the jacket on) grab your sh*t and walk away with an annoyed look.

    My thoughts:

    - Women do this a lot when men show too many signs of affection "too early".. It's a way to protect themselves from creepy stalkers or nerdy nice guys.. Though she came off like an utter bitch, you calling her one is going to lower YOU and not "her".. You just have to be persistent that you don't give a f*** to tolerate her games and bullsh*ts, even if she was protecting herself. Women get away with this sh*t all the time by being manipulative, unfortunately I can't tell if she's BEING manipulative.. I can just say she's acting in a manipulative way. (Acts cold/distant, then when you act cold/distant she comes running back and kissing ass).. etc -> basically, she's using the old dating language of "ignore him to attract him"

    Look man, you tried to talk to her.. You can't hold anything against yourself because you tried a good amount. We all have breaking points, and if you keep this bullsh*t up with this girl, you are either gonna go insane or your wall is gonna come crumbling down.

    Just walk away and remain cold/distant/uninterested/etc... You aren't being rude because your truthful intentions is that you were disappointed and now weary of her actions. Ignoring her will be a lot better than reacting to her bullsh*t.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • This coul dbe heaven or this could be hell.


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  • If you feel like she is "cured" so to speak, then keep ignoring her games and let her answer for the disrespect she's showed to you before. Keep your distance so she knows that you don't appreciate what she did and that you won't put up with it. Basically, I think you've stood firm and put the ball in her court. Now let her react.


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