Is he cheating on me?

My boyfriend lives in a different state than me, and we've been together for over 8 months now, and I love him. But about a month ago he randomly stopped talking to me, and this isn't the first time its happened. the last time it happened he said he was living with his son's mom for a week to "get away" (hes only 17 and has a kid but its not the way you think it is, it was his first time) anyways, the other day he text me at like 5 in the morning saying "I'm sorry if you're asleep but I'm grounded until I turn 18, I got in big trouble with the cops, I'm sorry I'll try to talk as much as I can, I love you" anyone have any opinion on what's going on? I really wanna know if I should just give up on him but I love him so much. he turns 18 next month if that makes any difference. please help. I'm so confused


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  • Ok RED FLAGS...

    RED FLAG ONE - says he loves you but stops texting/calling for long periods of time.

    RED FLAG TWO- 17 and has a child with a woman he's living with.

    RED FLAG THREE- Got in big trouble with cops.

    RED FLAG FOUR-I can't talk to you very much because I'm in trouble

    RED FLAG FIVE-long distance, in another state.

    Your young, you have plenty of time to meet someone closer and with their crap more together. Too many red flags in this relationship. Do yourself a favor, and move on.


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  • well I would be very skeptical if my boyfriend would go and live with his babies momma for a week. I don't know I have trust issues.. but maybe I'm wrong y'know? wait til next month if he doesn't text back or call you or anything.. give up on him...


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