Letting a girl know that you are attracted to her romantically?

As the title says, how can I let a girl know that I am attracted her and I think of her more then a friend. What are things that show this, and also when is the right time to let her know?


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  • -- Do you have a nickname for her?

    * If "YES," say it in a flirtatious way, smiling and teasing her.

    * If "NO," find something about her that you think is cute, smile and say "that's adorable" or "that's cute" and start using a word from that moment as her nickname.

    Does that spell L.O.V.E. in her alphabet soup? No, but try it along with the next thing:

    -- Do you kiss her on the cheek when you meet up with her?

    * If "YES" you're deep in Friendsville already, so you have a challenge ahead of you.

    * If "NO" then DON'T kiss her when you meet up with her, but when you're about to leave each other for the day, step within a foot of her, reach out for her hand (if you're using your right hand, take her left hand, but very casually) and give her a warm peck on the cheek (accidentally) VERY close to her mouth, let go of her hand, smile and say "Bye." That's a sweet little hint.

    If she doesn't get that one, she's one of those girls who needs an announcement at a stadium during half time. Maybe ordering alphabet soup and rigging the letters might work, lol.


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  • if you're serious about it, then you should tell her straight up.

    im in a situation where he tell me soon enough and now looks like we're just friends and things are slow back to normal. I'm a bit mad that he didn't tell me directly.

  • Tell her! give her a hug, tell her she is beautiful smile at her a lot say nice things hopefully shell get the hint

    • Seriously? That's just about the response I get from any guy I've ever met. Lol.

      -- A hug is a gesture of friendship...

      -- Smiling is nice, but doesn't exactly say "My heart's beating out of its sockets for you, girl. I love you. Come home with me." (TO ANONYMOUS QA: Don't try saying that either, lol.)

      Something a little more direct might be in order.

    • shut up I'm just trying to help ..

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  • How often do you hang out with her? Have you been on a date with her yet? If not, start there. It doesn't even have to be called a date. Ask her if she wants to get lunch or coffee. They're not as formal but they still get the message across that you have SOME interest (especially coffee). Whenever you are with her flirt with her. If you don't know how, watch the videos on this site. They're pretty good and simple. Make note of how she reacts but don't over think.

    • I don't get the coffee thing. Why coffee? (I ask because there was a guy who kept asking me if I drink coffee -- like every day for MONTHS. I'd say "Yeah, sometimes." and he'd say "I'd love a coffee right now." and would stand around with his hand sin his pockets, rocking on his heels for a few seconds, but never actually asked me to go have one with him. Christmas came a long and I got him a bag of gourmet coffee. He just blinked at it and thanked me. Had no idea that was the grand pick-up line!)

  • Take out your penis right away and she's yours!


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