If you wanted to get back with your ex, would you text, call, or email?

As unlikely as this may be, my ex said he would never be with me ever again. That he is happier and he just doesn't love me anymore. Now, I accept this to the point that I no longer contact him, but even tho he said this, I still, in the very back of my mind, have this teeny tiny bit of hope that he may change his mind, realize that I did care about him and in fact he does miss me. We all know that this DOES happen sometimes, although it is unlikely. its been 3 months since we broke up, and 1 week since he told me all that.

Now, my question to you guys and girls is this. If you broke up with someone, and you decided, at whatever point, that you wanted them back, especially if you told them you weren't coming back...how would you get in touch with them? Would you call, email, or text? And what would you say? Thanks :)

just to clarify, I'm not asking what I should do. I'm asking, if you were my ex, if you were the one the said you didn't want to be with them anymore, how would YOU contact them to get back together. hope that makes sense

and we don't have facebook, so he'd have to either call, text, or email (if he still has all my info)


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  • my ex dumped me a year ago and I really want him back but he changed his number on me and I still have hope but all you can do is say what's in your heart don't think of anything say what your heart says and if he loved you foreal he come back and fix things


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  • this same exact thing happened to me, my ex and I had been on and off and many times we said we were done with each other, but eventually got back together. I would text rather than call, and just say hi and see how things are going. Don't pour your heart out to him in the text just make it seem like your alright and casually start to talk and hangout again, and eventually when the time is right tell him how you feel.


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  • Let me just say from personal experience, the more you lay low with a guy...the chance of him coming back is good. Me and my guy broke up a few months ago and I for sure thought he would never want to talk to me again. So I made sure I never texted him, facebooked him, had a status about missing him...etc. After awhile he messaged me on facebook telling me how much he missed me.

    Personally he might try the facebook method. Texting or calling might be too personal.

    Good luck though!


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