Be honest, do guys ever want to be with someone quiet?

If I'm talking to someone, depending on the person, sometimes I just can't think of what to say, and I think it makes me look like I'm not clever enough to think of a response. If I'm texting or chatting online with anyone though I can always keep a great convo, and I've been told I'm witty and fun to converse with, just in person my mind blanks if I'm talking to someone (well most people). I've also got a quiet, and get labeled as quiet or shy.

So what do you think about those quiet ones?


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  • I don't mind quiet girls but sometimes it's really hard to tell how they feel about me or if they even want me to talk to them at all. If you do like a guy, make sure you at least smile at him or give him some sort of sign.

  • that's how I am, online and texting I'm fine, in person-not so fine. I prefer quiet people mostly because I'm very quiet usually.


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