I do not want to move away :(

Long story short: I have recently told the guy that I like that I like him and he said to wait after midterms (this week) to do anything so that we both have clear heads for them and do well on them. I'm fine with that, but now my parents are talking about MOVING! I've moved before many times throughout my life, but we just started to settle down here and I started to really get to know my friends that are here. I do not know what to do and I have reached the point where I cannot even cry to get rid of my sadness. :( What am I supposed to tell the guy? How do I go up to my friends and tell them that I am leaving only two years after I have gotten here?


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  • I cry about my situation as well but in the end I know my tears won't do anything to change it. Just like you I've moved a lot, around the world, and to different countries due to my dads job and I've never had the chance to really settle down anywhere. I tried to hide my feelings for girls and people I cared for because I knew I would have to leave them, and most likely never see them again. In mid october a girl found me and she really liked me, but I had to tell her on our first date that I had to leave for a mandatory military obligation back in my home country halfway across the world in June for 2 years, she chose to stick with me and be my girlfriend.

    Till now it still makes me feel strange as to why she stayed with me but now I realize that it's not how much time you spend with a person you care about but how well you spend the time you have with them. I know I can't keep this girl for long and I love her a lot so I'm choosing to make the most out of our relationship.

    Your parents are talking about moving and you really like this guy? If your parents tell you you're moving then I suggest you tell this guy on your first date with him as it will give both of you space if one decides not to go on with the relationship. It is better to be honest with him now than later when you're about to leave and he finds out, his heart will be broken and it will hurt him a lot more than if he decides not to be with you now.

    Good Luck!


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