How do I deal with these feelings?

when you lose someone that you really love and you accept that things can't be, that they have their own lives to live even if it means you not being in it. and its been hard. its been years and you still think about them a lot even though you're open to dating other people. how do you deal with these kinds of feelings? I just don't want to even think about her. of course I wish she was still in my life but I can't do anything about it because she's happy somewhere else. probably doesn't give a damn about me anymore. its been more than 2 years and I've been progressing with life but I haven't gotten very far.


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  • well don't think about shouldn't dwell on the past...the reason you're still not over her is because you can't stop thinking of her...well you need to stop...go out more...think of stuff to do..go out with friends do everything you can not to think of her...and even tho you may have progressed very little..keep ppushing :) don't worry...i know you'll find the love of your life some day

  • get a nice and sweet gf...thats the fastest way...u won't have any time to think of ex... handling one female is tough enough...;)


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