How do I get over him, when he has hurt me so bad

Please tell me how I can get over my ex! To make a long story short I fell madly in love with him year and a half ago and the last 6 mths have notcied so much changing...

Have found texts from other girls and his stories just never added up when he would try to explaine! About 3 mths ago I found that he was inappropriately texting a female and after seeing the texts and showing them to him to this day he says nothing is going on! but in the same breath told me that we need to take a break because he doesn't trust me!

Basically anything I have ever questioned with him he has turned around on me, all the proof everything comes back to me and me cheating?!

we would go out together prior to all this and guys would stare... one time a guy while he was in the bathroom approched me and when he came out he was furious! that was a regular thing for me to be punished and told I crave attention because I wourk out, I tan and I have extentions.

anyways after he told me we need to break up I was so upset but so angry and I did not contact him at all..i started to hate him and that helped me...2 weeks later he sends a few texts and the next day I ignore them but at one point just felt so much anxiety, I responded (part of me didn't want him to think I was out and possibly with someone because I know that is something he would try to say. anyways I agreed to meet him out and after drinking a bit I started to ask him the questions I feel he never answered, while I asked him he cut me off and asked if I had been out at all, I being truthful told him I went out once, he asked if I met anyone and I was honest when I said no but then he says" see how you lie, I cat be with someone who lies"


I started to cry not believeing that this klid can be so narsassticc and actually be the person I fell in love with! just for my sake I asked him to be my friend again on facebook...and he absolutely refused which shows me he is still creeping with other girls but blaming me for all this so he can!

please help me stay away from him and hate him like I should. I have lost sleep and can't eat because there is no closure, he has watched me cry and then slammed me more for things I know he is doing! how can I stay away? I just want to scream!


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  • Omg almost same story. Except I ended it because I found out he was cheating for 5 moths if the 6 we were going out. I don't know if in still in love with him but I hate him too. So from my recent experiences I learned that you shouldn't try to get back at him or else he will get back 5 times worse. Talk to him in person and ask to have coffee and talk thigs over. Facebook or formspring is a bad idea. Good luck hon!


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